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Divorce & Family Law

                                                        Divorce & Family Law


                                               THE FAMILY SUPPORT ACT


                                                       Act 138 of 1966

AN ACT to confer jurisdiction upon the circuit courts to order and enforce the payment of money for the support, in certain cases, of parents having physical custody of minor children or children who have reached the age of majority and of minor children or children who have reached the age of majority by noncustodial parents and to enter orders governing custody and parenting time for those children; to provide for the termination of the effectiveness of the support orders; and to provide for the payment of fees and assessment of costs in those cases.

          Act 138 of 1966

552.455 Modification of order; application and notice; order void upon entry of judgment of divorce or separate maintenance.

Sec. 5.

An order entered under section 2 may be modified by the court upon proper application to the court and due notice to the opposite party. If a judgment of divorce or of separate maintenance is entered by a court having personal jurisdiction over the parties, an order entered under this act is null and void upon the effective date of the judgment.


Act 138 of 1966

552.451a Proceedings for support of children; support order; burden of proof; applicability of section.

Sec. 1a.

A custodial parent or guardian of a minor child or children or a child or children who have reached 18 years of age may proceed in the same manner, and under the same circumstances as provided in section 1, against the noncustodial parent for the support of the child or children. The order of support shall provide only for the support of the child or children, and the burden of proof shall be the same as provided in section 2. This section applies only to legitimate, legitimated, and lawfully adopted minor children and, subject to section 5b of the support and parenting time enforcement act, 1982 PA 295, MCL 552.605b, children after they reach 18 years of age.




Act 295 of 1982

AN ACT to provide for and to supplement statutes that provide for the provisions and enforcement of support, health care, and parenting time orders with respect to divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, child custody and support, and spousal support; to prescribe and authorize certain provisions of those orders; to prescribe the powers and duties of the circuit court and friend of the court; to prescribe certain duties of certain employers and other sources of income; to provide for penalties and remedies; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.




Act 379 of 1913

AN ACT to facilitate the collection of alimony and support and maintenance for minor children or for children who are 18 years of age or older ordered to be paid in suits for divorce or separate maintenance.


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